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How much does a shot of Procrit cost? A 30-day supply of Procrit costs well over $2,000 and prices for Epogen average around $600 per month.
How long does it take to recover from low iron? Most people start to feel better within a few days of beginning treatment. Even though you feel better, you will need to keep taking the pills for several months to build up your iron stores. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months of treatment with iron supplements before iron levels return to normal.
Which fruits are high in iron? For example, foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, tomatoes, berries, kiwi fruit and capsicum, can help you absorb more iron if you eat them at the same time as iron -rich foods.
What are complications of anemia? If severe or left untreated, anemia can cause a number of complications, including the following: Lasting fatigue leading to diminished productivity. Weakened immune system. Fast or irregular heartbeat. Heart failure. Problems during pregnancy, including fatigue, premature labor and problems with fetal development.
Which iron supplement should I take? For the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adults, 100 to 200 mg of elemental iron per day has been recommended. The best way to take the supplement so that you absorb the greatest amount of iron is to take it in two or more doses during the day. However, extended-release iron products may be taken once a day.
How do doctors treat iron deficiency? Depending on the cause, iron deficiency anemia treatment may involve: Medications, such as oral contraceptives to lighten heavy menstrual flow. Antibiotics and other medications to treat peptic ulcers. Surgery to remove a bleeding polyp, a tumor or a fibroid.
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